How Muir Way Supercharged their Google Shopping Ads with Okendo




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increase in revenue in just 3 months


increase in conversion rate


increase in click-through rate

Key takeaways

  1. 01 Muir Way saw a significant increase in sales by integrating Okendo Reviews into their Google Shopping ads.
  2. 02 As an official Google Reviews Partner, Muir Way was able to easily leverage Okendo to push reviews to Google.


Muir Way sells unique maps for the adventurous soul, from relief maps of US states to historical depictions of far-flung destinations. Founded by travel-lover Jared Prince, the brand serves to bring beautiful places to everyone’s home while supporting key environmental causes along the way.

“I was so pleased to find a solution like Okendo that was cost-effective and that provided the functionality I needed.”

Jared Prince


Muir Way


  • For a brand with such a loyal following Muir Way had trouble scaling its Google Shopping ads campaigns. Every test decreased ROAS to the point that nothing was working.
  • With a fantastic product catalog and loyal customer base, the brand needed to level up its Google Shopping efforts. It was missing something important: social proof.

“Setting up Okendo to push our reviews to Google Shopping was incredibly easy. Once live, the click-through-rate of our ads increased 50% literally overnight.”

Jared Prince


Muir Way

Solution: A Cost-Effective Platform with a Strong Google Integration

  • Okendo agency partner, Loop Club, took over Muir Way’s Shopping campaigns and switched the ads to Smart Shopping. By segmenting Muir Way’s products into different campaigns based on their prices, Muir Way gave Google cleaner data to work with, leading to better ROAS.
  • Loop Club then helped Muir Way leverage Okendo’s integration with Google Shopping to display powerful social proof from star ratings and reviews in its ads.
  • Implementing reviews in the brand’s ads also meant Google started to boost its rankings because of the level of authority of trustworthiness their listings provided its users, leading to massive growth.


  • In just 3 months, Muir Way increased Smart-Shopping attributed revenue by more than 838%.
  • The brand saw a 20% increase in click-through rate.
  • Muir Way also gained a 30% increase in conversion rate.

“Adding reviews is by far the single biggest optimization you can do for Google Shopping. It starts feeding a flywheel. We know that Google prioritizes star-rating listings which means more people click through and convert at a significantly higher rate.”

Tim Keen


Loop Club

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