How Boody Built a Global Community with the Help of Okendo











increase in conversion rate


increase in AOV

Key takeaways

  1. 01 Accelerated onsite social proof generation.
  2. 02 Boody launched successfully in 15+ countries with the help of Okendo and Elephant Room.


Boody wants its customers to feel good about their purchases — not just about the way they feel while wearing the brand’s athleisure, activewear, loungewear, and more, but also about knowing their garments are made from sustainable materials.


  • After experiencing tremendous growth in its home country of Australia, Boody saw an opportunity to expand worldwide.
  • The brand understood that social proof was a necessity in order to build a global community and connect with customers in new territories without starting from scratch.
  • Boody needed to accelerate their onsite review generation to support their growth, but its previous provider did not meet expectations.

Solution: Expanding to a Global Audience with User-Generated Content

  • As they launched into new markets, Elephant Room helped Boody syndicate their Okendo reviews across international storefronts including New Zealand, the US, the UK, South Africa, Canada, and Europe.
  • Boody leverages Okendo’s attributes to capture product feedback such as comfort, sizing, and quality, as well as customer information such as age, body type, and height.
  • Displaying robust reviews onsite helps inform shoppers’ decision-making and locate pieces of social proof that are most relevant to them.
  • By offering loyalty points in exchange for reviews, Boody was able to dramatically increase its review generation rate and encourage second purchases.


  • Boody saw a 268% relative increase in conversion rate.
  • The brand also saw a 5% relative increase in AOV.
  • With more content-rich reviews in place, Boody was able to establish trust with new shoppers without having to build a new base of social proof in any new market it entered.

“Boody is an eco-sustainable brand, so its product turnover is extremely low. It’s our priority to capture a solid review base for individual SKUs because products are on sale for a long time. If customers are uploading UGC and sharing the love, that’s exactly what we need for shoppers to know Boody has a community of trustworthy loyalists.”

Adam Sharon-Zipser

Managing Director

Elephant Room


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